Palestinian Human Rights

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) was founded with the specific goal of promoting justice in Israel. However, a few years ago it became apparent to us that we cannot ignore the events taking place in the region around us. We began researching the state of human rights in the Palestinian Authority and the massive foreign aid that makes ongoing violations of basic human rights possible.

Calev speaking at Helsinki University
Calev at the European Parliament

Human Rights Research

Over the past several years, JIJ has published three reports on human rights in the region. Our dedicated team of researchers and interns has spent thousands of hours interviewing and fact finding about human right abuses related to the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Refugees, and freedom of religion.

What we've learned has enabled us to bring a factual approach to the discussion about human rights in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our research has also been used to create several short videos explaining some the toughest issues in the region. These videos have enabled us to educate thousands of viewers.

Palestinian Human Rights Week

Since 2011, we have been holding events on college campuses across the world in an effort to bring balance to academic discourse, which has been dominated by an anti- Zionist lobby. In 2012, we decided to hold a series of events entitled " Palestinian Human Rights Week" in Toronto, York, Helsinki, and Tel Aviv. Throughout 2014, we held similar events around the San Francisco Bay area, including on the UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC San Jose campuses. We also sponsored events at Upsala University in Sweden and in Paris, France, where we reached out to government bodies, students, and the press.You can see video of these events on our YouTube channel. JIJ YouTube