Why Israel

Israel is a focal point of the three largest (Abrahamic) monotheistic religions and is therefore revered by 3.8 billion people worldwide.

Israel has the second largest international press corps after Washington, DC. By advancing justice in Israel, you can actually affect the policy and thinking of people around the world. Our laws, regulations, and Supreme Court decisions have been used many times as examples and as the basis for reforms in other Western societies.

Eighty percent of the Special Assemblies of the UN have been called to deal with Israel, and forty of the UN Human Rights Counsel resolutions relate to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Per capita, the foreign financial aid sent by Western countries to the Middle East far exceeds the amount of aid sent to any other place in the world. Chances are, your tax money is invested in Israel, as well as in the Palestinian Authority. Shouldn’t you care that these funds are used wisely?

Other than the USA, Israel has more companies traded on NASDAQ than any other nation in the world. Because of its technological creativity, Israel has a higher GDP than all 22 other nations in the Middle East combined. It also publishes more books and academic papers per capita than any other nation, by a large margin. Hence, Israeli scientific developments profoundly impact many areas of your life.

Israel is the only Western democracy in the Middle East and is currently positioned on the front line in a battle between democratic and totalitarian societies. Its very existence proves that democracy, rule of law, freedom, and human rights can actually thrive in a region ruled by hostile dictatorships.

Democracy is never a thing done. Democracy is always a thing a nation must be doing.
~Archibald MacLeish, American poet

Events unfolding in this small strip of land on the Mediterranean coast will affect your future and that of your children, for better or for worse. We believe that by advancing justice in Israel and for Israel, we can ensure a brighter future for mankind across the globe.