The Jerusalem Institute of Justice International Law and Public Diplomacy Department, strives to uphold human rights in the Middle East and safeguard the legitimate standing of the State of Israel among the Nations.

We utilize legal and research tools in order to advocate in International Legal forums across the globe. Through research, drafting and presenting complaints, evidence and testimonies to the International Criminal Court and Governmental bodies, we target perpetrators of human rights violations that have so far enjoyed impunity.

The universality of human rights is a standard that requires constant vigilance and protection. Not just in the Middle East, but also in the global arena. JIJ’s research and advocacy team dedicates thousands of hours a year to create awareness and policy changes with the goal of positively impacting the lives of millions living in oppression.

 Human Rights in the Middle East

We cannot ignore the events taking place in our region. JIJ began researching the state of human rights in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. It became clear to us that the massive foreign aid given to help the lives of Palestinians is not reaching those who most need it. Their corrupt government leaders are getting rich while violating every basic human right and freedom.

Our dedicated team of researchers and interns has spent thousands of hours interviewing and fact finding about human rights abuses related to the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Palestinian Refugees and Islamic terrorism. What we’ve learned has enabled us to bring a factual approach to the discussion about human rights in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We strongly believe that to be Pro-Israeli, you don’t have to be Anti-Palestinian and to be Pro-Palestinian; you don’t have to be Anti-Israeli. We must work for the advancement of all peoples as we are all created in the image of our Maker.

Human Rights Research – Our reports, fact sheets, memos and short videos all based on our expert research – click here to learn more.

Let’s Be Honest When you are talking about international conflict, words and the meanings behind them are very significant. Click here to check out this unique project.


We believe we can make a difference through public service, education and promoting healthy dialogue. Our answers to hard questions are based on researched and facts.

Palestinian Human Rights – Educating students around the world about Palestinian human rights – click here to read more about this project.

Building Bridges – We offer a range of lectures and talks to share our knowledge – which is based on years of research – click here to read about this project.

Advocacy Lectures – We speak to thousands of people each year, covering various topics – learn more and send us your inquiry here.


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