Support Ethiopian ImmigrantsAt-Risk communities

JIJ has supported the Ethiopian community in Israel for the past seven years. We have humanitarian outreaches of food, furniture, and clothing. This is important as this community has struggled to fully integrate into Israeli society due to cultural, language, educational and socio-economic differences.

Our biggest yearly event is the kickoff of the opening football season in partnership with E.I.F.L.

The E.I.F.L (Ethiopia Israel Football League) was created in 2000 with the goal of educating Ethiopian youth against violence, to empower the community with values of sportsmanship, fair game and leadership through sport. It brings the youth together on the weekends with a structured environment to create community instead of violence and the downfall into crime and drugs. The League gives them the opportunity to excel, build self-esteem and participate in an activity that is embraced by the whole community.

JIJ is one of the few organizations that is continually supporting their efforts. We believe that together we are building a better society and creating the future generations of leaders in Israel.

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