Join us in combating prostitution and human trafficking in Israel

For more than six years, the (JIJ) has been striving to aid the men, women, and children trapped in the sex trade. Along with that, we've been working hard to change legislation in Israel, which currently allows both the sale and purchase of sexual services.

Debut showing of "Nefarious", a documentary on the global sex trade
Documentary - the sex industry in Israel

Legislative Efforts

JIJ has been a key player in promoting a legislative model based on Swedish legislation in the Israeli Knesset. The proposed law will prohibit the purchase of sexual services, placing legal responsibility on the client and not on the provider. We have been successful in passing the law through two of the required four rounds of voting and are continuing our efforts to see the law fully approved and implemented.

Though many Members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) are personally supportive of the proposed legislation, no party to date has committed to changing the current situation. For the most part, this is a result of a low level of public interest in the topic, meaning there will be little political gain for MKs who promote the law.

Download: The Truth about prostitution in Israel

Changing Opinions

Israeli public opinion regarding the legitimacy of prostitution varies greatly. Much of our society is unaware of the realities of the sex industry. Early on, we realized that educating society on this issue and changing public discourse about prostitution will be key in bringing true change to Israel. We have been successful in presenting our message on Israeli television and have created a short film titled "Zona" that exposes the Israeli sex trade.