exploitation has to stop.

the exploitation of women, children, and minorities is an alarming phenomenon throughout the Middle East.


Great article, @cvaldary. As clear as ever. Recommended reading for all who care about justice @dumisani6 about 19 hours ago

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there is nothing that can stop us

Our numbers exceed 350,000,000. Seventy percent of us are below the age of thirty. We are connected to Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We are more informed than ever, and we have no tolerance for attempts to brainwash us with Medieval ideologies. We think for ourselves.


We will not let the wars of our ancestors destroy the lives of our descendants. We will continue to expose injustice, challenge exploitation and fight for dignity and freedom. We will build a future of peace, prosperity and security. We are the citizens of the Middle East. There is nothing you can do to stop us.

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