Founded in 2007, the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) is dedicated to cultivating and defending rule of law, human rights, freedom of conscience, and democracy for all people in Israel and its adjacent territories. Our passionate, knowledgeable, and professional staff effectively educate and advocate for victims of repressive policies in our region.

We believe that a state that is both Jewish and democratic is not a self-contradiction, but rather an attainable reality. Applying its democratic values in the justice system, Israel has the power to reinforce tolerance, truth, ethics, and morality, all of which serve to strengthen the fiber of the nation. JIJ aims to create a better Israel for all citizens by advancing civil rights, freedom of religion, and social justice. We believe that by strengthening Israel’s democracy, we are strengthening the legitimacy of Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

Within Israel, we protect freedom of conscience and advocate for members of ethnic and religious minority groups. We do extensive work on behalf of victims of prostitution and human trafficking, give comfort to Holocaust survivors, advance affirmative action for Ethiopian new immigrants, and provide representation to Lone Soldiers including those who have been abandoned by their ultra-Orthodox families for choosing to serve in the IDF.

While most human rights organizations superficially point to Israel’s occupation of the disputed territories as the foremost abuse of human rights in our region, we espouse a more thorough and balanced view on the matter. We have drafted and disseminated extensive reports on the human rights abuses of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and the Hamas government in Gaza. Our work in this regard has taken us before the UN and European Parliament, as well as to esteemed academic venues on several continents.

Founder - Michael Calev Myers

Michael Calev Myers immigrated to Israel from the USA in 1992. He graduated from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and became a licensed member of the Israeli Bar Association. Michael founded the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) in 2007 and continues to advocate for human rights in the region. Beyond his work with JIJ, Michael works as a Senior Partner at Yehuda Raveh & Co. Law Offices. The firm was established in the 1940s by Mr. Gideon Hausner, who served as the attorney-general of Israel and cabinet minister. Michael also serves as a Board Member of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and leads the Israel-Li movement, which mobilizes citizens nationwide for activism to improve Israel's economic and diplomatic security.

CEO - Flavia Sevald

Flavia Sevald has been the CEO of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice since 2014. She joined JIJ after many years of successfully working as a manger in high-tech. Flavia oversees all JIJ activities in Israel and in the US. Flavia is passionate about universal human rights and believes it is possible to influence society in a positive way, one person at a time. Managing an NGO such as JIJ allows Flavia to have a voice at the highest levels of government and to serve at-risk sectors of society. As a woman, guiding her team is natural and intuitive. Flavia’s style of servant leadership builds trust, creates a supportive environment, and encourages everyone to achieve their best. These are traits that she carries over outside the office as well, in her free time as a goalie in a women's soccer league. Flavia is originally from Uruguay and has lived in Israel for more than 30 years.

  • Our Team Members

  • Lydia Morgan

  • Shimon Myers

    Executive Director of JIJ USA
  • Rob Buchheit

    Director of Development JIJ USA
  • Noam Ezra

    Lone Soldiers Project
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