Founded in 2004, the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) is dedicated to cultivating and defending rule of law, human rights, freedom of conscience, and democracy for all people in Israel and the Middle East. Our passionate, knowledgeable, and professional staff effectively educate and advocate for victims of repressive policies in our region.

We believe that a state that is both Jewish and democratic is not contradictory, but an attainable reality. Israel has the power to reinforce tolerance, truth, ethics, and morality by infusing its democratic values throughout the justice system which in turn strengthens the fiber of the nation.

We provide Pro-Bono legal aid for Christian minorities in Israel, defend their legal rights and assist them to integrate into Israeli society.

We advocate for victims of prostitution and human trafficking, Holocaust survivors and provide representation to Lone Soldiers such as those who have been abandoned by their ultra-Orthodox families for choosing to serve in the IDF.

While most human rights organizations unduly point to Israel’s occupation of the disputed territories as the foremost abuse of human rights in our region, we maintain a more complex, thorough and balanced stance on the conflict. We expose human rights violations in the surrounding region to improve overall quality of life. We draft and disseminate extensive reports on the human rights abuses, including areas of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and the Hamas government in Gaza against their own people. The Jerusalem Institute of Justice’s work has been presented before the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, the Israeli and European Parliament as well as esteemed academic institutions all over the world.

To date, JIJ has handled 1000 cases, won 23 Petitions before Israel’s Supreme Court and submitted 16 in-depth human rights reports. Our research and advocacy has impacted over 10 million lives only to grow in the future.

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CEO - Flavia Sevald

Flavia Sevald has served as CEO of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice since 2014. Flavia is originally from Uruguay and has lived in Israel for more than 30 years. Before joining JIJ, she pursued a successful career in the High-Tech industry. Under Flavia’s leadership, JIJ’s activities have developed in Israel and internationally. Flavia has been working together with Knesset Members and the Israeli Government along with the non-profit world to create social reforms for the benefit of Israeli citizens nationwide. Flavia’s inclusiveness of others is a positive example of servant leadership and promotes the growth of a strong team. She believes bettering society is possible through changing lives, one person at a time.

COO - Lydia Morgan

Lydia joined the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) in 2008. She is an experienced professional born in the USA, currently residing in Israel. Lydia has a background in management, marketing and conflict resolution.  Lydia believes wholeheartedly in the importance of justice for all peoples without prejudice. As JIJ's COO, Lydia oversees the financial aspects and partner relationships with a strong commitment to accountability and good communication.


  • Our Team Members

  • Adv. Uri Morad

    Dir. Intl. Law & Public Diplomacy Dept.
  • Adv. Rotem Ben-Simhon

    Legal Aid Counsel
  • Rob Buchheit

    Executive Director JIJ USA
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