We are successful and are able to produce top quality work because of the dedication of our volunteers and interns. Our interns offer fresh perspectives, especially in our human rights research, and we value their opinions. We provide all the localized training and education our interns need, and offer an opportunity to experience Israeli culture in a unique environment. Our interns consistently thank us for experiencing the emotional satisfaction that comes from knowing they have truly made a difference.

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Our Interns

  • C.T. (USA-NY)

    At the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, I compiled research for and designed a booklet on hot topics related to Israel such as the United Nations’ relationship with Israel, the apartheid analogy, and Israel’s democratic character. I also contributed research to and edited a report on human rights in the West Bank and Gaza. Aside from learning an enormous amount about Israel, the Palestinian territories, and international politics, I came away with close relationships with JIJ staff and fellow interns.
  • J.C (Puerto Rico)

    My internship was an amazing opportunity to do important international work and combine my different passions. My main assignment was creating Buzzfeed-esque videos for social media. I also researched how Hamas allows child labor in Gaza and uses kids for terrorism, and how Hamas can be held accountable via international law. And I interviewed a victim of the stripping/prostitution industry in Israel to advocate for anti-prostitution legislation in the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament). Through JIJ I learned that there are many ways of fighting for justice.
  • L.D. (Brazil)

    I was 22 when I was an intern at JIJ for amazing 5 months. My experience at JIJ was very gratifying and I learned so much there. I was in charge of several projects, for example one that I called 'Donations from Brazil to Gaza’. I also worked on projects that fights against the BDS, and I tried to show the world the real truth about Palestine and the UNRWA. Those 5 months were the best experience an intern can get, because I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree in law school, and JIJ gave me more knowledge in areas that I am interested to as Human Rights and International Law.
  • C.P. (USA-TN)

    As an intern at JIJ, I edited numerous reports on various human rights issues within the Palestinian territories, including religious freedom, political expression, and human trafficking, and I identified various incidents of anti-Semitism throughout the world and researched ways to legally combat them. As a result, my eyes were opened to the depth and complexity of human rights issues under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, and my personal awareness of Anti-Semitism increased. I loved living in Israel and partaking in the welcoming Israeli culture. By the end of my internship everyone felt like family.
  • J.C. (USA-CA)

    I can't imagine having found a better internship to apply my liberal arts education than at JIJ. Founded on a conviction for truth and justice, it strives to make the Middle East and the world socially healthier, through channels in both government and local communities. I spent my time as an intern researching religious freedom on the ground as well as learning how to successfully advocate for the rights of minorities, refugees, and sex-slaves around the world. The work you do here, you can't help but be proud of. At JIJ you will not only apply your degree, but learn how to use it in practical and profound ways.
  • R.U. (USA-IL)

    The internship at the JIJ is a perfect fit for me academically as well as based on my familial background. I am a rising senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Philosophy and Law and Policy. I was raised in a Conservative Jewish and Zionist household,  and have traveled to Israel two times prior to this summer.  JIJ intertwines my Zionist upbringing and my passion for politics and law. The research and collaboration skills I have learned in my time at the office will only further bolster my career and academic aspirations. The people I have met and the work I have done there have made a substantial  impact and will be part of me for ever.
  • D.H (USA- CO)

    I examined the money trail of US and International aid going to Palestinian NGO's, researched human-trafficking & prostitution among Palestinian population and wrote short articles detailing systemic Palestinian abuse. I learned that terrorist organizations were most often the final recipients of billions of dollars in aid, that human trafficking is an endemic woven into Palestinian society, and that caring for other human means leads to a more fulfilling existence. It's hard to put into words just how much I have been impacted by my time at JIJ, but the compassion and empathy I feel towards oppressed and forgotten has grown exponentially.
  • C.S (USA-NY)

    My experience interning for JIJ was engaging, challenging and diversified. My main task involved helping to initiate JIJ’s Anti-human trafficking Project NOA. In addition to touring some of Tel Aviv’s brothels and assisting in providing medical care for women on the streets, I met with local anti-trafficking activists in the Jerusalem area and attended Knesset committee meetings concerning the issue of women’s rights and human trafficking. I was given a large amount of freedom with regular progress updates.
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