Project NOA

                                        PROJECT NOA                                           (Not Objects Anymore)

Fighting Sex Trafficking & Prostitution in Israel

We need your help to protect the victims of modern-day slavery by addressing the problem at the source.

Jerusalem Institute of Justice’s Project Not Objects Anymore (NOA)


Victims of Prostitution


Israel is The 8th
Country to Ban
Sex Services


Years Fighting
For Human Dignity

In Israel, there are more than 14,000 women, men, and children working in the sex industry.

We view prostitution as a form of modern-day-slavery and detrimental to our nation. The statistics are startling and impossible to ignore. Victims of prostitution suffer sexual harassment, physical and emotional abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, and much, much more.

In Israel, 60 to 80% of victims in the sex trade experience regular sexual and physical abuse, 40% are more likely to die than any other occupation, 95% have been sexually harassed, and 60 to 75% have been raped. Importantly, 76% of women and 51% of men desire to leave the industry. These victims need help to be able to escape this deadly environment.

For more than fourteen years, JIJ’s initiatives through Project NOA have led the fight to eradicate prostitution in Israel. We have done this by educating the masses, policy development, national social media campaigns, and community collaborations to raise awareness and attempt to change public perception. These projects have helped countless people and we will continue to serve the community thanks to the donations and support of people like you.

If you wish to help us fight prostitution in Israel, click the button below and donate to JIJ.

Hear the Story of Sex Trafficking Victims

Project NOA also promotes legislative change and successfully lobbied the Knesset to adopt the Swedish model. What is the ‘Swedish model’? It advocates for the criminalization of the buyer of sex services, but not the seller. It aims to protect the seller of sex services, who are often trapped in this industry under the manipulation of a pimp, or under the influence of drugs. This legislative change serves as a voice for the voiceless.

You Can Help Us Fight For the Rehabilitation of Sex Trafficking Victims and Protect Them From The Perpetrators. Humans Should Not Be Treated Like Commodities.

We won the first battle, but we have a long way to go to help the sex trafficking victims in Israel. To use a metaphor: JIJ focuses on going after the problem at the source – the law – and so we are able to drain the entire swamp rather than spend our time swatting at mosquitos.

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