52 testimonies of cruel torture

Notice to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court
Crimes against Humanity committed
against Palestinian citizens

Fifty-two Palestinian testimonies were submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. These testimonies expose the brutal abuses committed by the Palestinian Authority against their own citizens.

“The Palestinian Authority is responsible for severe abuses, including: the murder, kidnapping, imprisonment, torture, and rape of 52 Palestinian and Israeli citizens, residents of the West Bank,” stated the long (1,800 pages) precedent setting verdict that was issued by judge Moshe Drori of the Jerusalem District Court.

The verdict described horrifying torture. Electric shocks, hanging upside down for long periods of time, pouring boiling plastic on the body, extraction of nails and teeth, sterilization, sleep deprivation, food restriction, the killing and raping of family members, the removal of a premature baby from her incubator, and other forms of inhumane abuse.

The verdict stated that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for murder and torture. The court ordered the PA to pay the plaintiffs partial compensation totaling over 3.8 million dollars for their imprisonment and over 400,000 dollars for trial expenses. Currently, the court continues to discuss the rate of additional compensation to the plaintiffs for the tortures, suffering, and disabilities they endured and for their property that was seized. It is estimated that the total compensation will amount to almost 28 million dollars.

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice along with Attorney Barak Kedem from the Arbus Kedem-Tzur firm, who represented the plaintiffs at the District Court of Jerusalem are working together in order to show the world the cruelty of the Palestinian Authority to their prisoners. These horrifying testimonies were submitted the to the ICC.

Attorney Uri Morad, Dir. of the International Law Department at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, explains: “In February we addressed the ICC requesting that the Office of the Prosecutor open criminal investigations against the chair of the PA, Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen), for crimes he committed against his own people, including a long, systematic campaign of murder, torture, and imprisonment. These testimonies point to the existence of a well-oiled machine that oppresses a civil society.”

Attorney Barak Kedem adds, “The fact that there are people who experience this hell on earth should shock every human being, regardless of their nationality or political affiliation. One can’t stand idly by after hearing of the PA’s atrocities. I hope that the statements presented to the ICC will cause world leaders to ask themselves: ‘Do I want to continue to be part of this machine that transfers funds to the PA?’ The ICC will bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Prior to filing the testimonies, some of the plaintiffs agreed to be filmed and explain the horrors they experienced. From the testimonies-

“After the arrest, I suffered a heart attack, after seeing my little daughter paralyzed, because the PA removed her from her incubator in order to get revenge on me.”

“I wanted to die over 20 times a day, due to the suffering. The torture was horrible. One time they sat me on an electric chair, I was sure I would die.”

“A PA official showed me an explosive belt and told me that either I would wear it and perform a suicide bombing in Israel, or that they would kill me there.”

Included in the testimonies brought to the ICC is the account of a Palestinian civilian who entered Israel to carry out a terrorist attack.  He was injured in a car accident on his way. He received high quality medical attention in Israel, and his life was no longer at risk. Following the treatment, he changed his position and became a collaborator and aided Israel in its war on terror. The PA’s retaliation was cruel. His wife was giving birth to a premature baby that needed the support of an incubator. The PA immediately removed them both from the hospital. This baby grew up to have severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Today she is 17 years old, and lives in a rehabilitative hospital in Beit Levinstein.

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