Volunteer with JIJ USA

Passionate volunteers are essential to meet our goals and our work for Justice in the State of Israel. Please consider helping us expand our relationships and grow our partner base here in the United States. You can help us maximize our mission by becoming a US regional representative. JIJ volunteer advocates will champion our outreach efforts and open doors for development.
Ethiopian Immigrants

Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ)

JIJ USA Vision: To raise awareness in the United States in order to provide resources that will support and perpetuate the Purpose and Mission of Jerusalem Institute of Justice in a way that highlights and promotes the work of justice in Israel.

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice is advancing peace and seeking justice in Israel by defending and protecting human rights and freedom. As a legal and research institute, the Jerusalem Institute of Justice pursues justice in every area they serve. 

The JIJ team works to protect the legitimate standing of the State of Israel among the nations and practically promote human & civil rights and the rule of law, in the courts, the Knesset, governments, academia & media forums in Israel & across the globe.

We amplify the voices of the marginalized groups in Israel who have lost theirs, bringing their stories to the courtroom to inspire legal and societal change in Israel. With your help, we can lift the voices of the oppressed and promote justice. When you advocate for JIJ, you are helping build a stronger, more secure Israel and protecting her people from injustice.

international law and diplomacy

This year, contribute to an organization that is continuously defending and supporting Israel, supporting local communities, working to improve the quality of life for the country and its citizens, and serving as a light unto the nations.

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