CEO StatementSunday 01/01/2017

I strongly believe in the unique contribution that intentional, purpose driven organizations like the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) make to sustain a vibrant, civil society.  JIJ seeks justice for all, without exception — for suffering children, women and men across the many ethnic and religious groups that form the population of our critical region.

We advance human rights and civil justice by a wide range of deliberate strategies and actions. Through our advocacy work, we raise national awareness by giving voice to the plight faced by individuals from minorities who cannot otherwise speak for themselves.

JIJ defends democracy with the tools of justice and education and utilizes the power of the law. We do not cower before those who threaten the rights and freedom of innocents — be they Jew, Christian, Muslim, Druze, Arab, Palestinian or Israeli. When the world turns a blind eye to human rights abuses, JIJ shines a light on the true crimes being committed. Our advocacy and litigation practices build an integrated platform for constructive inter-group dialogue around contentious issues, bringing down walls of division that would otherwise threaten to destabilize our society.

I feel extremely privileged to work with an amazing team of people who have embraced the vision of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. Together, we work day-by-day, case-by-case and project-by-project — strengthened and encouraged by our shared passion for freedom and justice.

Flavia Sevald, CEO
Jerusalem Institute of Justice


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