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The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) is a leading Israeli legal, research and advocacy institute recognized by the United Nations for its work protecting human rights.

JIJ’s mission is to uphold justice, promote freedom and advocate for communities affected by bias. The institute aims to improve individuals’ rights and quality of life in Israel and the Middle East.

JIJ’s Special Consultative Status at the United Nations ECOSOC enables the institute to have a global platform and directly impact international humanitarian law.

Established in 2004, JIJ’s Free Legal Aid Department has been at the forefront of combating discrimination, safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities to exercise their freedom of conscience.



Safeguarding the legitimate

standing of Israel

among the Nations


Upholding Human

Rights in the

Middle East


Educating and training

the next generation

of influencers



Protecting the civil rights

and religious freedoms of

communities under Israeli Law


Fighting to eradicate the sex

trade, prostitution, and

human trafficking in Israel


Strengthening Holocaust

Survivors and Lone

Soldier communities

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With your help, our research and public diplomacy have impacted over 10 million lives around the world. We’re combating injustice, educating the next generation, supporting victims, and advocating for Israel.

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Legal cases handled to date

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Hope for rehabilitation – HISTORIC WIN – Bill passed in the Knesset forbidding the purchase of sex services

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Victims of Palestinian Authority testimonies shared in international courts

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Supreme Court Victories Protecting the civil rights and religious freedoms of minorities under Israeli Law


Arrest the Hamas Leadership – Petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Stand Up for the Gaza Hostages – In the wake of Hamas’ horrific attacks on Israel, over 150 Israeli civilians were kidnapped and taken hostage in Gaza. These innocent people now face torture, rape, abuse, and even execution at the hands of Hamas.The Jerusalem Institute of Justice, an Israeli human rights organization, has led a coalition of 50 groups in urging the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to take immediate action to help these hostages.

Effects and impacts on the latest UN Human Rights Council resolution

Two weeks ago, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted the resolution A/HRC/55/L.30, marking the first official position of the top UN human rights body on the war that started on October 7 atrocities. With a historical background of struggles against Israel by the Council, what does this resolution in particular say and omit? What are the direct effects and impacts on the Jewish State?

This resolution seems to have a low direct impact on Israel, but it turns on another yellow light about further implications. Yet, this resolution not only disclaims Hamas’ responsibility for the horrific atrocities it committed but also denies what happened on October 7 and doesn’t call in a clear and forceful way for the immediate return of the 133 hostages taken in captivity in inhuman conditions.

United Nations admits Hamas committed sexual violence on and after Oct. 7

Pramila Patten, a senior UN official, came to Israel a month ago with a mandate to gather information on claims that Hamas terrorists ​had committed rape and other acts of sexual violence against Israeli women​ and men on October 7th. Her trip came after months of conspicuous silence on the matter from UN Women, and appalling statements from other UN officials that amounted to gaslighting and atrocity denial.

JIJ’s team of human rights lawyers and researchers met with Patten’s team on February 8th. We presented detailed testimony and gruesome photographs taken by first responders who had handled the bodies of the October 7th victims.


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