From Intent to Genocide

On October 7, 2023, at 6:30, Hamas and other terrorist organizations orchestrated a deliberate and indiscriminate rocket onslaught on Israel, unleashing over 2,000 projectiles in a single day. This assault, designed not only to target civilians but also as a diversion, enabled the infiltration of more than 3,000 terrorists. Striking over 20 locations in Israel, these infiltrators perpetrated a range of heinous acts, including murder, rape, and kidnapping.

The acts perpetrated by Hamas and other terrorist groups on October 7 amount to genocide, comprising two essential components: physical and mental. There is unequivocal evidence that the actions encompass, at the very least, the killing and causing serious bodily or mental harm to Israeli nationals and Jewish people. The numerous speeches, targeting of civilians, massive scale, destructive effect, and context all lead to the conclusion that the only reasonable inference to be drawn is the intent of the perpetrators of the attacks of October 7 to commit genocide.

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