Dealing with Refugees

A comparison of refugees after World War II in Europe and Palestine

This report  examines refugee populations following World War II in Europe and Palestine, and common characteristics with the current Syrian refugee crises. After the conclusion of World War II in Europe as former residents resettled or integrated, the number of European refugees and camps declined.  At the same time, the number of Palestinian refugees continued to grow as they were not naturalized in their host countries.  Instead they were inheriting refugee status after being registered as such by  the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a UN institution exclusively responsible for the Palestinians.

The following pages compares the circumstances and call for right of return between those expelled from Germany after World War II and Palestinian refugees.  The aim of this paper is to show that there are alternative stop UNRWA’s current policies and retaining refugee status for an entire population group is not the optimal way to solve the problem.

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