Israel Justice Night

Join Us Online | November 19

Virtual Live Event -November 19, 2020 at 7pm ET

Let’s fight injustice together!

JIJ’s leadership coming to you live from Jerusalem introducing the JIJ team and covering our initiatives with the life-changing results we have accomplished thanks to partners like yourself who give so selflessly to help others in need. You will join with thousands of passionate advocates, warriors, and justice seekers like yourself as we all stand united.

Not able to make the event? You can still make a huge difference by donating to JIJ directly below.

Exclusive Silent Auction | November 5-21

Special items from the Holy Land

Change lives in Israel! Join our silent auction from November 5-21.

Complete your holiday shopping in one location. Available are a wide variety of items of all price ranges: one of a kind specialty items hand made in Israel, sports memorabilia, music, local and international trips and experiences. This is our big fundraiser of the year. You take home incredible gifts and JIJ receives all the funds raised. We need your partnership to serve the community.

Join us November 19th for Israel Justice Night.  We pray God’s blessing on you, your family and friends.

What Does the Jerusalem Institute of Justice Do?

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice is advancing peace and seeking justice in Israel by defending and protecting human rights and freedom. As a legal and research institute, the Jerusalem Institute of Justice pursues justice in every area they serve.

The JIJ team works to protect the legitimate standing of the State of Israel among the nations and practically promote human & civil rights and the rule of law, in the courts, the Knesset, governments, academia & media forums in Israel & across the globe.

We amplify the voices of the marginalized groups in Israel who have lost theirs, bringing their stories to the courtroom to inspire legal and societal change in Israel. With your help, we can lift the voices of the oppressed and promote justice. When you advocate for JIJ, you are helping build a stronger, more secure Israel and protecting her people from injustice.

Public Diplomacy Department
international law and diplomacy

This year, contribute to an organization that is:
Defending and supporting Israel
Supporting local communities
Working to improve quality of life
Serving as a light unto the nations

Our results speak for themselves. All of our efforts are only possible with supporters and donors like you. Let’s stand up and unite, working together for a better future! Help us fight injustice in the world and truly make a difference.

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