53rd Session of the Human Rights Council – Agenda Item 7 – JIJ’s StatementThursday 13/07/2023

On the 10th of July, the UN Human Rights Council held a session on Item 7 of its agenda. This Item is defined as the “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.” This is, in fact, the only country-specific item on the agenda and has served as a pretext to issue a disproportionate amount of resolutions against Israel.

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice, which holds Special Consultative Status in the UN, has participated in this session. JIJ’s Human Rights, Law, and Research Officer, Carolina Grimberg Golijov, issued a statement opposing this item and calling upon the Council to respect its mandate and work for the protection of human rights.

Read the full transcript: JIJ’s Oral Statement Transcript – 53rd HRC session -agenda item 7 

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