6 Moral Teachings from Assad and other CriminalsThursday 07/03/2019

Written by Yarden Biyalistok Cohen

Before addressing our topic, I would like to thank you readers, for not letting hate and prejudice guide your life, and for your willingness to establish your perspective on facts and on more than one point of view.

The topic we are about to discuss is regarding the resolutions made by the UN General Assembly on November 29, also known as “Palestine Day”. I won’t try to argue against the very existence of such a day, although trying to promote an “Israel Day” at the UN would be a better joke than having a day dedicated to bicycles, or the full moon (both are real by the way and take place at the 30th of April and June 3rd respectively, or even better “Tuna day” which occurs on the 2nd of May).

Six resolutions were made on “Palestine Day”, and were signed by countries that are almost the dictionary definition of an oppressive tyranny, and human rights violators, such as Sudan, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. The resolutions of the General Assembly all addressed Israel, and were aimed at undermining its legitimacy and sovereignty. On that day, the Chair of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People Cheikh Niang (Senegal), wore a scarf that revealed his “objectivity”, and his willingness to let the discussion be “impartial”. On the scarf, of course, was the flag of the Palestinian Authority (maybe on May 2nd he will show up in a scarf showing solidarity with the tuna fish).

In most cases, we would simply continue by stating that the demonization of Israel and the Jewish people is not news. Unfortunately Anti-Semitism was around way before the establishment of the UN and most likely to stay here after it.  Nevertheless, the first of the 6 resolutions calls for the deliberation on “fifty years of occupation” and to express solidarity and support to the Palestinians. The second resolution asks to continue the collaboration with the Palestinian people and their leaders, widen the scope of documentation and expand the Question of Palestine’s website. The third resolution asks to continue investigations into the legal ramifications of the “Israeli West Bank Barrier”. The Security Fence is exactly that, a fence that was built to stop the entrance of suicide bombers and other terrorists into Israel, and the last part of it was finished back in 2006. The Security Fence was under meticulous scrutiny by the Israeli Justice system. This General Assembly resolution only emphasizes its real goals, to undermine Israeli sovereignty. As proof the committee asks to investigate within Israel’s territory, not just the areas where the Security Fence is located. I wonder if the final report would state that the proof that the Fence is unnecessary is that the investigating operatives were not actually killed by suicide bombers.

The fourth and fifth resolutions express concern regarding the provocation that took place at Jerusalem’s Holy Sites, during Tisha B’av which is a Jewish day of grief, remembering the desolation of both Temples. The Jewish people in Israel requested to pray at the Temple Mount, which is inside Israel’s borders. The Jordanian press published bombastic headlines like “The Jews are storming al-Aqsa”, which painted the act of praying with false war-like colors, aiming to harm Israel’s legitimacy. Apparently you deserve freedom to worship only if you are not Jewish.

The last resolution sheds an even brighter light upon the infamous UN bias against Israel. The resolution calls for Israel to give back the Israeli Golan Heights to Syria (that is also a signatory of the resolution). Israel annexed the Golan Heights after Syria attacked in 1973; the attack took place on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, a day of fasting for the Jewish people. The Syrian forces rushed into the Israeli cities aiming to annihilate them. After Israel repelled the attack, the government decided to annex the Israeli Golan as a natural security border. A portion of the mountain ridge stayed in Syrian hands, thus serving as a natural boundary for both countries.

Since then, that front has been quiet, showing how Israel has managed to use a mountain as a peace resource. The people of the Golan Heights (almost all are Druze) have established good and ongoing relations with the Israeli people and the Israeli government. They enjoy freedom, equality, economic development and of course human rights. Their brothers and sisters that are unfortunately not on the Israeli side of the border, have suffered oppression from the Syrian regime, the Syrian civil war, and have also fallen victim of extermination attempts by ISIS.

During the Syrian civil war Israel has done its best to relieve civilians from as much suffering as possible, by using its military to provide to countless Syrian civilians with medical assistance. The very existence of Israel serves as protection to Syrian citizens who flee to the border. Israel has cared for the wellbeing of the Syrian people far more than the Syrian regime, who has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their own people.

This resolution asks to cede Israeli territory to Syria and by doing that further increase the body count. Israel of course cannot accept this resolution since it jeopardizes the safety and security of its citizens, Jews, Arabs and Druze. In addition, I want to ask you, if you can help me find the connection between this resolution and the Palestinian people’s suffering?

As Israelis, we lost our trust in the UN long ago. From here it seems as if it serves as an international Anti-Semitic arm, which promotes the exact opposite ideals than the ones it was founded upon.  I urge you to help reclaim truth and reason! Help us protect our Druze brothers, our freedom of worship, and the purity of intentions in the UN.




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