Amnesty International- Hamas excessive use of forceWednesday 03/04/2019

March 28th, 2019

Amnesty International Israel

Kibutz Galuyot Rd. 32

Tel Aviv – Yaffo


Dear Amnesty International,

As an NGO who shares the objective of defending human rights, we endorse your condemnation of terrorist organization Hamas’ brutal and excessive use of force against Palestinian protesters, journalists, and human rights workers and your related call for action.

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice strongly condemns how Hamas’ security forces countered the peaceful Palestinian demonstration known as “The revolt of the hungry” on March 14th. We want to express our contempt for Hamas’ actions such as arbitrary arrests, beatings, torture and the use of grenades and live ammunition. Not only did the Palestinian population suffer, so did journalists and human right workers. We decry the detention of Hind Khoudary and the threats directed towards her.

We understand that this event affected your organization on a personal level. And this makes us wonder, where were the reports on Hamas’ previous crimes against the Palestinian population when you were not personally targeted? Why would you only raise issue with Hamas’ atrocities now?

Since 2016, 17.000 Palestinian children have been used and abused for military purpose. Where have you been? Where were you when Hamas opened summer camps for Palestinian children where they ‘enjoy’ various activities such as military training and Hamas ideology indoctrination?

It suggests that you genuinely care about Human Rights violations. However, only when they happen on your doorstep, with your own people involved. Moreover, because the use of excessive force by Hamas against its own population reached alarming levels long before March 14th 2019, may we ask what makes this event different?

Apart from these critical questions, we support your recent condemnation and your call for action regarding Hamas’ human rights violations on March 14th. Better now than never. And we see your statement about watching the Gaza authorities and your call for investigations as a message of hope. We therefore look forward to your follow up reports and reply on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Flavia Sevald, CEO

Jerusalem Institute of Justice

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