Defunding Terror – HamasSunday 10/10/2021

Jerusalem Institute of Justice is proud to sign on to this amicus brief, petitioning the US Supreme Court to hear the case in which National Westminster Bank transferred money that was knowingly going to the US designated terror organization, Hamas.


Amicus Brief Introduction:


The raison d’etre of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, known by its acronym “Hamas,” is—as explicitly stated in Hamas’ Charter of 1988 and often repeated by its leadership—the murder of Jews and the violent expulsion of #Jews from their biblical ancestral homeland, the Land of #Israel. Petitioners and their loved ones were injured or killed in Hamas’ pursuit of its goals. And Respondent National Westminster Bank PLC (NatWest) knowingly aided and abetted those goals, through its facilitation of financial transactions for Interpal, knowing of Interpal’s connections to Hamas, and the foreseeable consequences of those financial transactions.

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