Not a peaceful protestSunday 20/05/2018

Gaza | Insider Update |

Hamas’ violent confrontation campaign  is not a peaceful protest

· The Hamas terror organization led another round of its confrontation campaign from Gaza against Israel. Orchestrated by Hamas, approximately 40,000 rioters gathered at the border and several thousand tried to storm into Israel at 13 locations.

· The rioters hurled firebombs and explosive devices, burned tires, threw rocks and launched flaming objects with the intention of igniting fires in Israeli territory, breaking into Israeli villages, and harming Israeli security officers.

· Israel made relentless efforts to prevent the masses from violently breaching the border. These included early warnings (by leaflets, direct phone calls, on radio and social media), as well as the use of non-lethal means (water cannons, tear gas, smoke grenades, rubber bullets).

· Inflamed and violent crowds cannot be allowed to storm the border fence, opening a way to infiltrate into Israeli towns and threaten Israeli civilians.

· What is happening at the Gaza-Israel border is not a protest; it is a well-prepared campaign by the Hamas terror organization, sending the masses to the fence, knowing they will get hurt, and hiding armed operatives among them, using civilians as human shields.

· The confrontations at the Gaza-Israel border started at the end of March, when Hamas led thousands of Palestinians in a confrontation campaign with Israel under the title “March of Return”. The aim was to break the border fence, storm Israeli towns and attack Israeli civilians, reflecting Hamas’ outspoken goal: the destruction of the State of Israel.

· Any country faced with a situation in which a terror organization is trying to storm its territory with the declared goal of murder and destruction will not hesitate to stop this aggression at its border.

· 53 of 62 of the Palestinian casualties sustained in the 14 May riots were acknowledged by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terror operatives affiliated with their organizations.

· Hamas is a terror organization that has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007, with the declared goal of the destruction of the State of Israel. Hamas seeks to murder Israelis by terror attacks, firing rockets, placing IEDs and building terror tunnels into Israeli territory.

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