JIJs Grow, Discover, Connect Israel Program in the Local NewsWednesday 29/03/2023

The Grow, Discover, Connect (GDC) program at the Jerusalem Institute for Justice (JIJ) attracts interns from around the world who are eager to learn about Israel’s unique global political and international relations characteristics, as well as to develop their personal and professional skills.

The participants visited the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, during the program to learn about the proposed judicial reform before its first reading. The group included individuals from Australia, England, Korea, Spain, and the United States. 

The interns had the opportunity to meet with members of the Knesset from various political affiliations, including Michael Bitton, Boaz Bismuth, and MK Simcha Rothman, as well as Nir Barkat, Moshe (Chico) Edri, and Vadim Braverman. They were able to ask questions and gain valuable insight into the political system in Israel, the legal reform, and its potential ramifications. 

The GDC Israel program aims to develop future leaders and educate them. They join the Jerusalem Institute for Justice’s mission to advocate for human rights, protect the rule of law, freedom of conscience, and democracy. Additionally, the participants actively participate in JIJ’s efforts to defend Israel’s standing and create a balanced image in media discourse while fighting against antisemitism and delegitimization towards Israel.

Overall, the visit to the Knesset was a valuable experience for the interns, who gained a newfound appreciation for Israel’s democracy and a deeper understanding of the country’s challenges and how to address them.

See photos of their visit below! If you want to learn more about our GDC Israel program, click here.

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