Sunday 29/01/2017

“Lone soldiers” are those who leave their home countries to come to Israel and serve in the IDF; many do not have family here and have no place to stay on weekends when they are off base. In 2009, we were shocked to discover the state in which many of the Israel Defense Force’s  lone soldiers were living in. We immediately took action to aid the soldiers. We presented the problem to the Knesset Security and Foreign Affairs Committee and provide direct legal and civil assistance to lone soldiers.

The support we provide includes:

  • Jewish High Holidays and Israeli National Celebrations: As a way to create a familial and jubilant atmosphere, we hold festive meals at local restaurants that are open to all lone soldiers.
  • Freedom of Conscience: Most of the lone soldiers in Jerusalem come from ultra-orthodox or Haredim families. For choosing to express their faith and love for Israel by serving in the IDF that is different than the ideologies of their communities, the consequence is typically being completely cut off from by families. Because of this important circumstance, JIJ’s work includes assisting with practical needs to help fill the familial void. We assist with negotiating contracts, furnishing apartments, purchasing clothing, as well as serving as a place for lone soldiers to turn to with their everyday struggles.
  • Holiday and Day Trip Events: Several times a year, we take the soldiers, most of whom come from underprivileged families, on day trips across the country.  This provides them with the social support and cultural experiences that most people would receive from their families.
  • Gifts, food coupons and gear.
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