Petition to Stop Funding UNRWAMonday 12/02/2024

What happens when well-meaning Western donors feed money to a UN agency that turns a blind eye to terrorism? The numbers tell the story.

On October 7th:

  • 133 UNRWA school graduates invaded Israel to murder and kidnap Israeli civilians
  • 12 UNRWA staff directly participated in the massacre
  • 2 UNRWA teachers held hostages captive in their own homes
  • 30 UNRWA teachers publicly celebrated the violence on social media
  • 1,200 UNRWA staff quietly helped Hamas with cars, weapons, money, information, and hideouts


His Excellency  Mr. António Guterres
Secretary-General United Nations
New York, NY 10017

Your Excellency,

I was horrified to learn that UN employees directly participated in the October 7th massacre, held Israeli hostages captive in their own homes, and celebrated the massacre on social media. It is unacceptable that the United Nations has thousands of terrorists on its payroll, and that it uses donor money to indoctrinate generations of Palestinian children into Hamas’ radical ideology. 

The UN cannot sweep away these allegations with a perfunctory “investigation.” This antisemitic agency must be immediately defunded. No donor money should be restored until and unless UNRWA is radically restructured and reformed! Don’t restore funding to UNRWA without:

  • New mandate that promotes acceptance of Israel’s existence
  • UNESCO-approved curriculum that promotes peace and tolerance, not Jew hatred
  • Purge all terror-affiliates from the payroll
  • Routine independent audits of all facilities and finances
  • An independent ombudsperson to investigate claims of whistleblowers

The people of Gaza deserve better than UNRWA. They deserve food, medicine, education, and shelter delivered by transparent organizations that are not routinely infiltrated by terrorists. They deserve to receive humanitarian aid and not see most of it stolen by Hamas. They deserve schools that promote coexistence with Jews and other minorities in the Middle East. 

I support sending aid to Gaza through the World Food Program and UNHCR in the meantime. Thank you for your attention to this important issue. 


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