Remember the Second Lebanon WarSunday 24/07/2016

On July 16, 2008 the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were released by Hezbollah and returned to Israel. Regev and Goldwasser, honored soldiers, were both part of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF); Regev was in the Givati brigade, and Goldwasser was ranked First Sergeant. Both soldiers were kidnapped on July 12, 2006, near the border of Lebanon. As  a result of their deaths, the Second Lebanon War ensued.

Hezbollah began this military strife by sending rockets toward Shlomi, a town in northern Israel. This was followed by their infiltration through the northern border of Israel where they murdered eight soldiers, injured another six soldiers, and kidnapped Eldad and Ehud. Hezbollah continuously fired hundreds of rockets to cities throughout Israel. As a result of their operation, known as “True Promise,” the IDF organized air as well as artillery raids to fend off the Lebanese army and Hezbollah. The IDF later began a ground invasion into Lebanon. Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert attempted to make peace by constructing a four-point plan. The main objectives included returning Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, in addition to having a cease-fire. In a blatant disregard for this proposal, thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli cities.

After a month of war, on August 11, the United Nations (UN) approved the Security Council Resolution 1701, which called for an immediate ceasefire. This was an attempt to end the conflict by disarming Hezbollah and withdrawing Israeli forces from the south of Lebanon. The casualties that resulted from the war were horrific; 121 IDF soldiers were killed, 43 Israelis, and approximately 1,191 Lebanese.

We must always recognize the extent of our soldiers’ service, their courage as they fight on our behalf, and the risk they take to protect Israeli lives. The Jerusalem Institute of Justice acknowledges the fact that IDF soldiers’ bravery and devotion are what keep the state of Israel proudly standing as a democratic home for its citizens. We salute and thank the IDF soldiers, who fight on our behalf and place the lives of others before their own.

Article by Moriah Khalili

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