High Court of Justice, Challenging the Interior MinistryTuesday 16/05/2023


JIJ’s Free Legal Aid Department took a recent stand against the Israeli Interior Ministry’s decision to suspend visa services. This decision was made to focus solely on issuing passports, which resulted in an unfortunate backlog in visa services.

The sudden shift of the Interior Ministry left countless Israeli citizens and immigrants stranded, creating a new series of challenges for families waiting for reunification, immigrants waiting for their visas, and people seeking Israeli citizenship or other statuses.

With a deep understanding of Israel’s diverse and non-uniform society, our Free Legal Aid Department strongly believes in the equal treatment of all citizens, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds. We passionately protect civil rights and religious freedoms under Israeli law, supporting those who have experienced discrimination and helping them establish their lives in Israel.

In the spirit of our service, we petitioned the High Court of Justice, challenging the Interior Ministry’s decision, and demanded that visa services be restored. We believe that it’s possible to address the passport backlog without causing another backlog in visa services.

Our actions highlight the essence of what we stand for at JIJ – a commitment to justice, freedom, and a fair society. We’re thrilled to let you know that we’ve taken this bold step and are hopeful for a favorable outcome. We believe that it’s through such actions that we’re able to make a difference, one step at a time.


 Let’s stand together for justice, for fairness, and for a better society.

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